“Binance零手續費交易對更新 TUSD 相關公告漲起TRU 卻與TUSD 無關”

Binance CEO CZ Clarifies TRU is not Related to TUSD

Binance CEO CZ has issued a statement regarding the recent surge in TRU (TrueFi) after Binance updated its trading rules for certain TUSD trading pairs, waiving fees. The sudden increase in TRU price by almost 30% in just one hour sparked speculation that it was related to TUSD. However, CZ clarified that TRU is not related to TUSD and urged traders to exercise caution when making investment decisions. If there are any proprietary terms, they will be explained in the text.


這篇新聞的主要內容是CEO CZ對於TRU價格的驟升作出回應。Binance最近更新了TUSD的零交易費規定,這導致了TRU價格的猛漲,但是CZ及時澄清了TRU與TUSD之間的關係,這使得TRU價格也相應回落了一些。從這個新聞中可以看出,這一事件並沒有對整個區塊鏈市場產生太大的影響,市場波動性也不大,因此可以認為這是一則偏空的訊息。


Lloyd - Tru (Official Video)


Binance零手續費交易對更新 TUSD 相關公告漲起TRU 卻與TUSD 無關

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