「Origin Protocol加入OGN補貼,助力NFT市場發展」

Origin Protocol宣佈推出加速其OGN訂金計劃發展的補貼計劃,以應對其收益率專案所面臨的費用收入不足的問題。該計劃將提供用以 ETH 和 OGN 補貼的補貼來支援該平臺的發展。此外,該計劃還包括透過Origin Story進行的NFT銷售徵收 1.25% 稅的規定。Origin Protocol也是一個以品牌為中心的NFT市場服務。想了解更多有關該計劃的詳細資訊,請閱讀以下文章。


近日,Origin Protocol計劃在NFT市場領域內推出以ETH和OGN補貼的計劃以支援OGN訂金計劃的發展方向。該計劃不僅期望解決Origin專案中的成本收入短缺問題,同時還包括對於使用Origin Story進行NFT銷售的徵收稅費。這是一個面向品牌的NFT市場服務。從這個訊息可以看出,Origin Protocol對於加密貨幣市場前景是相當看好的,有著對市場的信心,並願意採取措施來積極拓展業務。因此,可以認為此新聞對區塊鏈市場是偏多的訊息。


Origin Protocol Founder Matt Liu on $OGN Governance Token Launch + Optimism $OP Token Airdrop!


Samuel Oluwafemi Sodiya: Thank you guys! This breakdown from Mattew, the co-founder of Origin, is so huge and well explicit. Great to see him shedding more lights on OUSD, OGV and even OGN. This is so cool to hear, especially during a time like this.

Junior Topman: Good show, Ryan and Ross. I love the explanation of the Origin co-founder on their stablecoin and I feel they have a well structured, and safe one. Obviously would check out this airdrop detail too. Thanks for keeping us updated on latest Crypto news.

oyatola opeyemi: Many thanks to the members of the crew. OGN and OUSD have been one of my major drives in this space, especially during this down market.

Bliss Joseph: Kudos to all the members of Origin protocol team. You have been up to your tasks amazingly. I didn't hear of OP token airdrop may be that was why I missed it but I won't miss OGV. Also I am loading my bag with OGN for a better volume of OGV.

Edward Brown: Good to know that not OGN holders alone will have the privilege of getting OGV but also OUSD stakers on curve and convex. This is really commendable.

Basal Ganglia : These OGN co-founder talks about how smart they are and what they're doing on NFT and DeFi, I love that interview.

Tractus Solitarius: You guys are doing a great job. BTC have put everyone in suspense till today. Hopefully it might take off again


「Origin Protocol加入OGN補貼,助力NFT市場發展」

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